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Jackson Kayaks.
Jackson Kayak's top design architects, with input from professional kayak fishermen and recreational boaters, have produced an  exceptional line of kayaks that are available to everyone from beginners to professionals.

From the Tripper 12, designed for exploration fun and family adventure with loads of storage space to the Tupelo designed for cruising the waterways with comfort and efficiency, the Jackson Kayak Recreational and Touring models are stable, easy to paddle, and require little or no maintenance.
Recreational & Touring kayaks offer lifetime warranties.

Fishing models include the Big Rig, with incredible stability for stand-up fishing, and the Coosa that excels in lake, pond, inshore, most saltwater settings, and even river fishing,  to the ultimate Big Tuna and Cuda 12 and Cuda 14 models.

Jackson Kayak provides outstanding watercraft for amateur & professional fishermen as well as for families and those just starting their kayak adventures.

Click the links below for a complete description  and more photos of each model from Jackson Kayak.
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Recreational and Touring Kayaks

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Fishing and Hunting Kayaks

We Have in Stock
Cruise 10
Cruise 12
Coosa Angle Coosa-2 coosa_yak_attack
Big Tuna
Cuda 12
Cuda 14
Cruise Angler 12
Big Rig
Cruise Angler 10

Chestnut Creek Trading, LLC is an Authorized Jackson Kayak Dealer

Riviera -
Coosa HD
Cruise 10
Cruise 10 - $799
Cruise 12
Cruise 12 - $899
Tupelo 12 & 12.5
Tupelo 12 & 12.5 - $899
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice!
Jackson Kayak Skipper.
15% Off All In-Stock 2018 Model Jackson Kayaks!