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Find all of your kayak and canoe accessories at Chestnut Creek Trading!

Visit Chestnut Creek Trading, LLC for all of your kayak and canoe outfitting needs!

Chestnut Creek Trading has a great selection of kayak and canoe outfitting accessories. We can outfit your kayak or canoe for just about any purpose, whether for hunting, fishing, photography, or just pure recreational fun!
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Kayak and Canoe Outfitting Accessories

•  Driftmaster, Folbe, Scotty - Rod Holders

•  Paddles

•  Personal Flotation Devices

•  Seats

•  PaddleCart Kayak and Canoe Carriers

•  Werner Paddles

•  YakGear Paddlesport Accessories
•  Full Line Jackson Kayak Accessories

•  Anchor Kits

•  Canoe Outriggers

•  Car Top Carriers

•  Storage Racks

•  Parker Duck Boat Paint

•  Orion Coolers by Jackson Kayak
Some Accessory Brands We Stock
Aqua-Bound Kayak, Canoe Paddles.
Bending Branches Canoe, Kayak Paddles.
MTI Adventurewear Personal Flotation Devices.
Parker Duck Boat Paint.
Riverside Cartop Carriers.
Suspenz Kayak Storage, Kayak Carts.
T-REIGN Outdoor Products.
YakAttack Kayak Accessories.
Yak-Gear Kayak, Canoe Accessories.
And just about any other kayak outfitting accessories that you can think of!  If we don't have the marine supplies you need just let us know. We can usually have them the next day. We can ship fishing supplies and kayak & canoe accessories!
Kayak outfitting accessories Chestnut Creek Trading stocks.
Kayak Outfitted for Fishing.
Canoe with Outriggers
Paddlecart Kayak or Canoe Carrier
Orion Coolers bt Jackson Kayak