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Fishing tackle, live bait, and marine accessories at Chestnut Creek Trading

Visit Chestnut Creek Trading, LLC for all of your fishing  needs!

Chestnut Creek Trading has a great selection of  fishing tackle, baits, and specialized striper fishing tackle  that you won't find at Walmart. Although largely catering to striper, catfish, and trout fishermen, you'll find many items that you need no matter what type of fish you're going after. Stop by today and check out our specialized striper rigs and large selection of live baits!
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Tackle, Supplies, Bait, and  Accessories

KG Enterprises - Hyper Striper, Baycoast Products

Alabama Rigs

Umbrella Rigs

Leland Lures

Wade Cast Nets

Hummingbird and Minnkota

Interstate Marine Batteries

Amsoil Marine Products
Redi Rig Floats

Rods and Reels

Hooks, swivels, crimps, jigheads, etc.

Power Bait

Live Bait - Crappie minnows, shiners, goldfish, and the entire worm group

Shoreline Marine Products

Boat Seats

And much more!
Rods and Reels.
Lures, rigs, artificial bait.