Kayak fishing New River.
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Chestnut Creek Trading, LLC

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Sam Patton, Owner

We can outfit your kayak or canoe for fishing or duck hunting!

Chestnut Creek Trading, LLC is an Authorized Indian River Canoe Dealer.

   Imagine paddling on Claytor Lake or New River, just you, the canoe and your fishing tackle.  With your own Indian River Canoe you can set off for days and go into most places a normal jon boat just can't take you.
   The canoes are lightweight and can be moved by one or two people. They also fit very easily into the back of a truck or on the top of most cars eliminating the need for trailers and all the hassles associated with other boats.   Each model has unique features depending on your needs.  Traditional models are available with or without keels and in a variety of lengths and widths.  Square-back models are also available in a variety of configurations and they are designed for motor mounting.
   All canoes are made with an isoppthalic gel coat and are heavily reinforced with 18 ounce woven roving.  The one piece, hand laid hulls have no seams and wood ribs are added to improve bottom stiffness.  Coast Guard approved foam flotation is molded into each end of the canoe for buoyancy.  This feature allows for more leg clearance in padding as well as ensures safety.  In addition, aluminum gunwales tempered to Rockwell T-5 hardness helps strengthen the canoe!  The comfortable ash wood seats stay cool and are maintenance-free.   All Indian River canoes include stainless steel eyebolts in back and front for ease in transportation.  Tubular aluminum crossbars add to the canoe's strength and durability.
   One year factory warranty on workmanship and materials.
American American American
Arrowhead Arrowhead Arrowhead
Back country Back Country Back Country
Beaver Beaver Beaver
Chief Chief Chief
Eagle Eagle Eagle
Guide Guide Guide
North Star North Star North Star
Otter Otter Otter
Outdoorsman Outdoorsman Outdoorsman
Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise
16'  600 Lbs. Cap.
Wgt. 65 Lbs, 36" Beam
14'  465 Lbs. Cap.
Wgt. 52 Lbs, 35" Beam
Back Country
14'  500 Lbs. Cap.
Wgt. 60 Lbs, 36" Beam
12'  250 Lbs. Cap.
Wgt. 42 Lbs, 34" Beam
16'  650 Lbs. Cap.
Sq. Stern
Wgt. 85 Lbs, 37" Beam
14'  600 Lbs. Cap.
Sq. Stern
Wgt. 65 Lbs, 36" Beam
Guide (3 Seat)
18'  800 Lbs. Cap.
No Keel
Wgt. 80 Lbs, 36" Beam
North Star
17'  700 Lbs. Cap
No Keel
Wgt. 75 Lbs, 35" Beam
12'  600 Lbs. Cap.
Wgt. 70 Lbs, 39" Beam
14'  700 Lbs. Cap.
Sq. Stern
Wgt. 85 Lbs, 39" Beam
16'  600 Lbs. Cap.
No Keel
Wgt. 70 Lbs, 36" Beam
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